Zulya — Bishenche music video
we shot an interactive video for the song "Bishenche" from the new album of the Russian and Australian singer of Tatar origin Zuli Kamalova "Alty kun yaratu" / "Six days of love".

interactive art is when the viewer ceases to be a passive observer, but becomes involved, becomes, in a sense, a co-author of a work of art. interactive art is designed for the participation of viewers - without them, it does not fully unfold.

clip noted by the American online edition REIGNLAND

about Zula Kamalova: the singer's album 3 Nights (2007) received the prestigious ARIA 2007 (Australian Record Industry Awards). in 2001 Kamalova became the singer of the year according to the Australian World Music Awards. In the 2010s, she released three more albums: Tales of Subliming (2010), On Love and Science (2015) and Kosmostan (2014), recorded in collaboration with Dutch electronic musician OMFO. Kosmostan is based on the legend of the princess of Mars Tataeli, invented by Kamalova.