«Dialogue» festival
Dialogue is the first showcase festival of Kazan indie music. Within the framework of the festival, a round table was held with the participation of musicians, figures of the music and club industry, promoters, producers, journalists.

Mission - to form a communication process between representatives of different directions of music and different types of arts; to organize the interaction of culture and industry, author and viewer.
creative teams
БЛЮЭ / Ваня Лимб / винер / ВШЫ (BWb1) / Гена Стечкин / Ё*ушки-Воробушки/ Сикамор / юth / AB / Djinn City / Emile Fox/ Gee Gee Gee / ioch / Jai / jerk / Juna / Klemm / marat suleimanov / MITYA / Nia / Phisonsoid / The Strafe / Tiger Monks / Trip Wheels / YaineYa
in the media

video promotion


Together with Jagermeister, we conducted a study: visitors filled out a questionnaire, where they chose the musicians they liked, and received a shot for this. Thus, after the event, we were able to determine the audience for each of the artists.
we also held a competition with 10 different partners