Juna — Galamnar music video

they shot a video for the band's single Juno, which was later included in the album Amanat.

The song is based on the poems of the Tatar poet Yoldiz Minnullina.

The clip is featured on The MOTHERLAND blog about domestic music, the Indie Music independent music blog, and The Musicend .

about the band Jonas: an indie-folk group of eight people who write fairy-tale songs based on the poems of Tatar poets. Juna are finalists of the "Eurovision of Small Nations" in Denmark, participants of the festival Ural Music Night (Yekaterinburg) and the ethnic festival "Music of the World" (St. Petersburg), traveled to many cities, from Omsk to St. Petersburg, and received high praise from such musicians as Boris Grebenshchikov, Joseph Mount, David Brown, the band Syd Matters.

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